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Foods Bulk

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System admin and manager access level validation, managers can only import and export food from their restaurants, admin can choose between all restaurants and categories!

CSV file import, available to include image from the internet via url for your food, our module downloads, converts and includes the image in your food!

As there are several programs and software that create CSV files, we selected the most used and popular delimiters and put it as the user's choice which one to use.

Export in 2 formats, CSV and XLXS (Microsoft Excel) to facilitate the editing and updating of foods, the admin .

That's right, you can edit the file and import the foods again and the data of the foods that already exist will be updated and not duplicated.

And it's not just bulk import and export, but you can delete your foods in bulk too, quick, easy and objective mark one or more foods, or all of the page and delete at once saving time and work!

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ATTENTION: This is not a standalone (script) system, this Module, Add On or Pluggin requires the full application which can be purchased by clicking on the key icon above. Our company does not provide source code or purchase key.
1.0.0 Current version
[Update date] - 14/01/2022

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